How to Answer the Rapid Antibody Testing Skeptics Who Say COVID-19 Antibody Tests Don’t Tell You Anything Valuable

For many months as the Coronavirus pandemic worsened, our efforts to attract the attention of local Maryland politicians and health officials has been met with stony silence punctuated with quick dismissal of our FDA EUA authorized OrientGene/ Healgen rapid antibody tests as being without merit. There are four reasons why decision makers are struggling to see the

A Plastic Class A Graduated Cylinder Will Make Your Lab Safer Without Sacrificing Accurate Laboratory Liquid Measuring

Graduated cylinders are found in nearly all life science laboratories. Graduated cylinders are used for measuring the volume of liquids to know the liquid volume or for use in preparing mixtures. Graduated cylinders may be made from a high-quality chemically resistant Borosilicate glass or from durable polypropylene (PP) and even polymethylpentene (PMP). While polymethylpentene may

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