Benchmark Scientific Orbi-Shaker XL BT1011 18 x 18 inch Platform Orbital Shaker With Advanced Touch Screen Control

$3,922.39 $3,334.03

The Benchmark Scientific Orbi-Shaker XL BT1011 large orbital shaker offers flask capacity that far exceeds that of most benchtop models.

With a large 18 x 18 inch platform and a powerful, beltless motor drive, the Benchmark Scientific Orbi-Shaker XL is capable of mixing up to four 3L flasks or nine 1L flasks simultaneously.

Now featuring an advanced touch screen controller for quick and easy programming.

The included, non-slip rubber mat platform is ideal for low speed applications, while the convenient MAGic Clamp™ platform is also available for high speed mixing of Erlenmeyer flasks, tube racks or microplates.

The MAGic Clamp™ allows for instant flask clamp exchange without the use of tools, screws or any other hardward.

Customers are amazed at how easy it is to change accessories with a “flick of the wrist” and without tools or hardware.