Biomiga One Step qRT-PCR 2x Mix For Either 500 (50 μl) or 1250 (20 μl) Reactions


Biomiga One-Step qRT-PCR Master Mix, Low Rox is a 2X concentrated formulation mix. It is designed for the reverse transcription (RT) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of a specific target RNA from either total RNA or mRNA in a single tube for the detection and quantification of RNA using real-time detection instruments.

The proprietary 2X qRT-PCR Master Mix contains an engineered Script Reverse Transcriptase (RNaseH minus), Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, Mg2+, enhancer, stabilizer and an optimal concentration of ROX for instruments that require low ROX for a reference signal.

Please consult our website and Instrument Compatibility section in the next tab for the correct product for your real-time PCR system.

The Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase is an antibody-inactivated hot-start enzyme designed to block polymerase activity between ambient to RT reaction temperature.

Script RT enzyme can synthesize cDNA at a temperature range of 40-55oC. Once the PCR step reaches denaturation temperature (95oC), Taq DNA polymerase activity is restored and the resulting PCR exhibits higher sensitivity, specificity and yield.

The system enables highly sensitive detection from as few as 1 copy of a target gene, with a broad dynamic range that supports accurate quantification of high-copy mRNA from up to 1 μg of total RNA. Sufficient reagents are provided for 500 amplification reactions of 50 μl each or 1250 amplification reactions of 20 μ each.

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