Flocked, Individually Wrapped, Sterile Oral Swab for COVID-19 Testing, 100 Swabs, Ready to Ship


Sterile and individually wrapped FDA approved oropharyngeal (nasal) specimen collection swabs for collecting samples for RT-PCR testing.

Innovative jet-implanted nylon fiber technology maximizes the sampling efficiency of swabs during patient sampling.

Nylon fibers adhere vertically and evenly to the surface of the swab head, greatly increasing the efficiency of the collection and release of cell and liquid samples.

Improve analytical sensitivity, no sample residue, accelerated sample handling, and a unique polypropylene plastic rod fragile design.

Suitable for collecting samples of the throat and forensic samples, DNA, etc.

Flocked nylon fiber head (6mm x 16mm), polypropylene handle (15.1cm) with molded break point at 8.2cm

  • Strict process conditions, no DNase and RNase, no endotoxin, no cell inhibitors.
  • Can be used by people and livestock
  • Easy and fast operation
  • Individually packaged in a double sterilized plastic/paper (easy peel off paper) pouch
  • With extraordinary water absorption capacity, the number of specimens collected is increased
  • Increased release rate for collected specimens, ensuring high reliability of results
  • The plastic rod has a unique breakable design for easy specimen transport
  • E-beam irradiation sterilized with independent packaging

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