Hermle Z207-M High-Speed Benchtop Micro Centrifuge with 24 x 1.5mL Micro Tube Rotor

$3,465.94 $3,119.34

Choose a German made Hermle centrifuge for reliable high-speed sample prep performance with innovative rotor options to simplify your work.

The Hermle Z207-M benchtop microcentrifuge delivers power with speeds exceeding 17,000xg and three rotor options for a variety of laboratory need.

This bundle packaged comes with the standard 24 place microtube rotor included.

To expand capabilities add in either the hermetically sealed version with an aerosol safe lid for chemical or biological hazard samples, or if your lab primarily uses your microcentrifuge for DNA and RNA prep with silica based columns, choose the 18 place column rotor.

All Hermle centrifuges are backed with a five-year comprehensive warranty from Benchmark Scientific for true peace of mind.

Power saving sleep mode

Quick spin function