Hermle Z366 High-Speed, High-Capacity (6 x 250mL) Benchtop Centrifuge Cell-Culture Bundle With Swing-Out Rotor and Inserts

$10,332.41 $9,299.17

For high-speed and high-capacity centrifugation, the German made Hermle brand is an established laboratory partner.

This bundle special is designed for non-refrigerated cell culture or other applications requiring 15 an 50mL conical tubes.

Includes the Z366 Hermle centrifuge

Z366-250-HC – 4 x 250mL Swing Out Rotor with buckets

Z366-250-B50 – 50mL Inserts for 50mL conical tubes. Each insert holds 4 x 50mL for a total of 8 x 50mL

Z366-250-B15 – 15mL Inserts for 15mL conical tubes. Each insert holds 10 x 15mL for a total of 20 x 15mL