Hermle Z366K High-Speed, High-Capacity Refrigerated (6 x 250mL) Benchtop Centrifuge Cell-Culture Bundle With Swing-Out Rotor and Inserts

$13,602.16 $12,241.94

For high-speed and high-capacity centrifugation, the German made Hermle brand is an established laboratory partner.

This bundle special is designed for refrigerated cell culture or other applications requiring 15 an 50mL conical tubes.

Includes the Z366K Hermle refrigerated centrifuge

Z366-250-HC – 4 x 250mL Swing Out Rotor with buckets

Z366-250-B50 – 50mL Inserts for 50mL conical tubes. Each insert holds 4 x 50mL for a total of 8 x 50mL

Z366-250-B15 – 15mL Inserts for 15mL conical tubes. Each insert holds 10 x 15mL for a total of 20 x 15mL