KN95 FDA Registered PPE Mask – 500 Mask Minimum Order ($3.38 a piece)


The KN95 face masks from JTCMed offer 5-filtration-layers, which meet and exceed KN95 standards for protection.

Our KN95 face masks will keep out 95% of airborne particles for maximum protection and perform better than a four-layer mask.

Our KN95 face masks are FDA registered and CE certified, a copy of the FDA certificate is visible below.

How do you know if the KN95 masks you are buying are authentic or an imitation?

If the FDA/CE registration numbers on the packaging do not match what is on file.

Our KN95 face masks are packed 10 masks to a sealed bag with FDA/CE info printed on the bag. Every 50 bags (500 masks) are packed into a master carton that also features the same FDA/CE information.

Please click on the “Other Docs” tab to view testing results. 

Our five-layer KN95 protective face mask is lightweight and comfortable, with ear loops and a shape-able nose-bridge for a flexible and secure seal.

Featuring 360 degrees protection with three dimensional ventilation space for more comfortable breathing.

This mask is the best to provide a barrier against dangerous viruses as it fits snugly to the face and nose.

7.48″ L x 5.12″ W.