Memmert Constant Climate Chamber HPP750LIFE – 749L


The Memmert HPP750LIFE constant climate chamber is quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly, and extremely economical.

Built in two special stainless steel grids, reinforced, each with 2 LED light strips, adjustable in 1% steps (6.500 K cold white or 2.700 K warm white)

Programmable options include settings for summertime and wintertime

Offering a total of 749L of testing space and controls (TFT display) that are so easy to use, you will be wondering how you ever managed without a Memmert!

Maintain incredible tight controls over internal humidity with the built in self-priming water pump and built-in hot steam generator.

De-humidification is done by means of a cold trap that uses Peltier technology for precision.

De-humidification by means of compressed air for safe and stable humidity values in compliance with GV Solas guidelines

The programming interface can be set in English, German, Spanish, French, Czech and Hungarian to accommodate a wide range of lab personnel.

Automatically restores to last program in event of power failure

The AtmosControl software allow for remote programming that can be done via mouse/PC or tablet, and data can be transferred using USB stick and Ethernet/LAN.

Heated inner glass panes with 2-point locking mechanism

Integrated over and undertemperature protection “ASF”, automatically following the set-point value at a preset tolerance range, visual and audio alarm in case of over or undertemperature.


Comes with two stainless-steel, electropolished shelves

Installed on locking casters