MTC Bio nUVaClean™ Decontaminating Pipette Holder for Six Single Channel Pipettes

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Lab contamination is a persistent issue that requires regulated activities to ensure biological materials are not being passed along from one experiment to another.

Not every lab has the luxury of a UV hood, and regular spray downs with ETOH is very time consuming and prone to human error.

Introducing the MTCBio nUVaClean™ UV decontaminating pipette stand with built in UV-C Mercury vapor lamp and reflector system.

The MTCBio nUVaClean™ pipette stand automatically destroys over 99% of stray DNA with a quick, 28 minute auto-decon cycle.

Designed to hold six of the most popular brands of single-channel pipettes, and a perfect benchtop companion for our own very popular JTCMed ProPette family of single-channel adjustable volume pipettes.

Before leaving for the day, or any time when the concern of a cross contamination might have occurred, simply insert your pipettes into the nUVaClean™ pipette stand, press the activate button and walk away.

The internal UV-C Mercury vapor lamp will bathe the pipette shafts in 245nM of intense UV light, destroying any residual biological material in the process.

At the end of the short twenty-eight minute cycle your pipettes will be clean, dry and ready for use.

Faster than autoclaving, as devastating as ETOH – now you can start your day, every day with fresh, clean pipettes.

Watch the video below for technical information and data on UV effectiveness within this time frame.