RPB 17-118-12 T-Link Respirator PX5 PAPR


RPB 17-118-12 T-Link Respirator, includes: 17-712 Tychem 2000 Hood, 17-110 Bump Cap Assembly, 04-831 Breathing Tube, 03-801 PX5 PAPR With the world’s leading engineers and industry insight, we have changed the way people experience clean filtered air across multiple industries – from hazardous medical and chemical environments to the unfathomably harsh environments found in foundries! The PX5 represents change as we crest a new horizon in respiratory protection capabilities. Boasting a sleek lightweight, compact design to maximize user comfort, the vertically mounted unit contours to the users back and is supported by our flexi belt system. Equipped with a long-life lithium-ion battery, the PX5 ensures the user is breathing clean filtered air for their entire shift. Right now our industrial and medical workers need respiratory protection more than ever. RPB stands ready to supply and equip them for the front lines – ensuring they get home at the end of the day to the things in life that matter most. Protecting people for life’s best moments is what we do.