Seven Tray Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer Freezer Dryer, 110V with Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump

$4,832.69 $4,183.97

Perfect for freeze drying herbs, oils, medicines, remedies, pharmaceuticals, and compounds; our freezer dryers use patented technology to keep products fresh, and preserves the potency, color, shape and nutrition of any organic material.

The freeze dryer has built in intelligence. It automatically and perfectly manages the freeze drying process

• The ideal vacuum pressure and drying temperature is maintained for each material—preserves freshness and potency
• 6.5 square feet of tray space
• 4 liters of ice capacity

Includes a low maintenance stainless-steel vacuum pump that offers these specs:

CFM: 7.2
Motor: 3⁄4 HP, 1725 RPM
Voltage: Standard 115V 60Hz
Plug: US 110V
Intake Port: 3⁄4 JIC flare
Intake Port: 21 oz (680 cc)
Dimensions: 101⁄2” H x 16” D x 53⁄4” W
Weight: 35 lbs